After I first set out to be a graphic novelist and comic artist, I found the perfect combination of drawing, storytelling and movement in the art of animation. It was love on first sight and our relationship has been growing ever since.

Next to my personal work, where I live my passion for visual storytelling, I work as an animator for other directors and also do commisioned work.

My favourite technique is hand drawn animation. With the right colours and the right light setting I create a fitting atmosphere to the content of the film. I specially like very condensed atmospheres with sophisticated light and shadow works.

Other techniques are cut out and motion graphics and I’ve got experience in puppet animation. I also enjoy more experimental forms of animation such as sand animation and pixillation, which can surprise with a unique and fresh look.

Amine – Ein Held auf Bewährung
Immer diese Zwinglis
5050 postcard
I Am an Other Version of You
Roadmovie teaser trailer
Machu & Picchu