Thanks to growing up most of my childhood up to my teen years in Japan, I can not only speak Japanese but have gained a natural understanding for the Japanese culture. With this knowledge I hope to become a mediator between central Europe and Japan and help these two cultures communicate and understand each other better.

On this background I’ve had the opportunity to work as a interpreter on several occations: For a shiatsu workshop, for film festivals (e.g. for Hirokazu Koreeda) and even for a football club: For 2 seasons I was Youichirou Kakitani’s interpreter at FC Basel and was present at trainings, games (including Champions League), team meetings, autograph sessions, interviews, and press conferences. Although my forte is the spoken language, I also help with the written language through short translations, email support and more.

Shiatsu workshop at Kientalerhof (2013)
Koreeda at prescreening of “After the Storm” in Zurich (2016)
Kakitani at Kids Camp in Basel (2015)