Jonathan Wuest grew up most of his first 16 years in Japan and regards both Switzerland and Japan his home.
After returning to Switzerland and finishing his Baccalaureate, he went to Lucerne with the intention of studying illustration. But instead he first got in touch with animation and got so hooked that he continued studying at the Hochschule Luzern with Animation Major.
He got his Bachelor’s Degree in 2011. The Master’s Degree followed in 2014.
He continues creating his own films and other work, for which he took the pseudonym of Jotha. It refers to the proverbial usage of the Greek letter Iota as „something small“ and stands for all the small things that are easily overlooked but make a difference with their presence.
Besides his artistic work he also occasionally works as a Japanese-German-English interpreter and translater. He had the opportunity to work with Youichirou Kakitani and Hirokazu Koreeda.
He currently lives in Baden.